Alexander Durek

Designer & painter
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For years, Alexander Durek has been occupied with the use of gold in the historical oil-painting. It was always his destination to continue a step as known use of gold foil. Gold in the oil painting had always found an impressing admiration. In this case we only think of the icon painting and the factories works of Gustav Klimt where gold foil in the Ornamental was employed – there is nothing comparable there, what comes nearest to the effect of this noble metal. Itself Friedrich Hundertwasser recognized the luminosity of gold unique and this special effect. Alexander Durek could realize his destination. By utilization different techniques, he set new measures in the oil painting by use of gold. His paintings do not only captivate with detailed faith and precession. The fascination of the paintings for the observer and the balance between shining and light is gorgeous. And so we give this expression a name. What could be better used than ARS AURUM. To paint art with gold and the perfect technique of Alexander Durek makes it possible to have gold art in all its effect. In this stratified art era which accompanies us at our contemporary time, it is at the same time impressing and enriching to have the paintings of Alexander Durek.

Dr. Rupert Schreiner
(historian of culture)